Well we don’t go slow enough

This blogging caper is no lark. I had plans to blog daily and keep a great record of what we have seen. The reality is we have been in Spain over a week now and I am knackered. We have been so busy seeing heaps of stuff my head is starting to spin. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner the night before last, its all starting to blur already. This is not good, not the way I want to travel. I do want to make the most of it and see as much as we can but I want to enjoy it too and I’m feeling a bit rushed for that.

Today we have walked a billion miles after getting lost a number of times. A 40 minute walk took us 2 hours! and that was just to get to the city of arts and sciences. And really we went there just to look at the architecture. Spectacular true, but god it was a long walk.

After lunch here (Italian) we walked back into town along the garden path which used to be the river. A fantastic green space full of playgrounds and with a walking path and bike path all the way.

We recovered in town with a drink and chorizo, at least Brett ate that, I just drank. Now we are at home for a night in and resting our feet.

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