Why Toledo deserves to be more than a day trip


When planning our trip many of the common tips were to travel to Toledo from Madrid as a day trip, it’s a quick 30 minute train trip. We had planned to do this too as I prefer to have longer stays in one place over moving around a lot. However my desire to see Belmonte Castle meant we needed a car. Toledo would be an easier place to drop a car at than Madrid so we decided to stay two nights in Toledo giving us a full day to explore with the bonus of two evenings.

We left wishing we had more time. More time to wander around the tiny twisty lanes, finding interesting shops, bars and places to see. We spent quite a bit of time lost, the last evening walking a large unplanned circle on our way home. There are lots of stairs and slopes to go up and down, add in getting lost and it gets pretty tiring. There is so much to see and experience and yes we would go back.

Just a random handful of places we went.

Toledo train station
Inside Toledo train station
Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes
Sinagoga de Santa Maria la Blanca

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