Last day of 2017

We are starting the new year in Cordoba. We have already been here for 3 days, busy days, seeing a lot of the sights.

The first day we arrived, had lunch got our self sorted and wandered around.

The next day we planned a slower day but plans change. We started of at Casa d La Cabeza which is a museum in a patio house. It was great, we were the only ones there for most of the time and got to take in what it would have been like living in one of these fabulous houses. There are a few abandoned projects around, but the fact it took 9 years to get this one into shape seems to have put Brett off.




After lunch we decided to see Palacio Viana, mostly the 12 different courtyards as we didn’t tour inside the house. You could see quite a bit from the gardens though. Even though the patios are not at there best in winter, we enjoyed our time there and took many photos and gained inspiration for future homes and gardens.


The second full day we were up early (for Spain) and arrived at the Mesquita by 9.30. But tickets are not on sale till 10. So Brett lined up for the bell tower and I bought the main tickets. Although there was quite a few people there, once inside the massive Mesquita we were all well dispersed and it never felt crowded and was not to difficult to get that people free photo.

Brett in the bell tower while I practice my selfies


Since the Alcazar is next door we decided to check the line and since it was not too bad we joined the end. While the building of the Alcazar was interesting it was the grounds that impressed us the most and we spent considerable time there soaking in delightful sun and the sound of the fountains.


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